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Templecorran Historical Society meets in centre

Feb 8 2017

Historical talk on local fraternities in centre

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Submission to Flags, Identity, Culture and Tradition Commission

February 5, 2017

Community Association makes submission to Flags, Culture and Identity Commission for Northern Ireland

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Festival of Remembrance in Ballycarry

November 8 2016

Festival to remember War Dead of Ballycarry and District

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Orr Commemoration

21 April 2016

Milestone anniversary to be marked

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Forgotten soldiers of the First World War...

December 2 2015

Nationalists and the First World War

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Ulster Scot who saved Old Glory...

October 12, 2015

Talk will examine a forgotten war

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Broadisland Gathering 2015

August 18 2014

Details on the 23rd annual Gathering

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War Memorial is to be dedicated this weekend

October 15 2014

Details on war memorial unveiling and dedication

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Bus trip to travel back in time

Tue 02 Sept 2014

A historical trip around wartime sites in the local area will take place as part of the Broadisland Gathering this year

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Old songs to be revived at gathering

Sun 06 Sept 2014

Ballycarry’s Broadisland Gathering is set to go back in time courtesy of Larne Choral Society

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Gathering plans varied line up for 22nd anniversary

Fri 29 Aug 2014 - Sun 06 Sept 2014

The 2014 Broadisland Gathering in Ballycarry will have a wartime theme to mark two notable anniversaries

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