Ballycarry anger after speed signs taken down

August 2017

LOCALS in Ballycarry have reacted angrily after anti-speeding signs were removed by the Roads Authority.

 The signs were put up earlier in the year by the local community group, which reacted angrily to the removal and accused the authorities of turning a blind eye to the speeding problem in the area.

 Now the group has pledged that it will be putting the signs up again.

 The signs declaring “Kill your speed not a child” were placed around the centre of the village in March after the group felt efforts to have the authorities take action on speeding had fallen on deaf ears.

 It is understood at that time some locals were suggesting white line protests in the village to highlight the feeling in the area about speeding.

 The group then decided to purchase signs to be located on the approach roads to the village centre, where there were particular concerns for road safety.

 However, last week most of those signs were taken down and it emerged that the Road’s Authority had done so following a complaint from a member of the public.

 “Why has the Road service taken down the kill your speed signs down around the village seems they have nothing better to do,” said one comment posted last week on the village facebook site.

 The site then posted a message saying the matter was being addressed and urging people to inform the authorities of the car registrations of motorists speeding through the village.

 The group wants local people to get an incident number so that they can collate the number of complaints.

 Meanwhile locals have added to the debate by citing several areas where speeding is a problem.

 One said that the Dalways Bawn Road was being used “as a racetrack” at times, and another cited young drivers doing “donoghts” at the top of the Manse Road in the village.

 Locals say incidents have been reported but that police have to date been unable to detect the offences being committed.

 The local PSNI did put up a facebook message in June saying that it was responding to complaints about speeding and showing photos of officers on duty with a handheld speed monitor on the Main Street in the village.

 One of the community group members said that over the past three years numerous meetings had been held with the authorities over traffic issues in Ballycarry. He said that people were not happy with the outcome of meetings to date.

 But he claimed that the current issue appeared to stem from someone who considered that the wording on the signs was inappropriate.

 It appears that the complaint was referred by a politician to the Roads Service and that the department then sent men out to remove the signs, all but one of which were taken down.

 Local concern over speeding in the area has also resulted in a number of hi viz vests being placed on telegraph poles at Magheramorne in recent weeks.

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